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CNS ADVISORY: Internet Downtime Scheduled - Comcast/3ROX Maintenance

DATE: Friday, May 22nd

TIME: 6:30 AM - 8:00 AM (two approxmate 5 minute outages during maintenance window)

SERVICES IMPACTED: Juniata's Internet Connection - Access to websites, Firepass, and inbound/outbound email delivery.

DETAILS: Comcast will be performing maintenance on the circuits between 3ROX and Juniata during the above window. The expected outage is two 5 minutes windows of no Internet connection during this time period.  Users can expect sporadic or no access to the Internet from on campus, as well as sporadic or no access to Juniata's network from off campus - including email delivery, website access, and Firepass. This advisory will only be updated if necessary.

If you experience any issues related to accessing off campus websites and Internet resources or accessing Juniata resources from off campus outside of this time window, please open a ticket at

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